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Parents have two options for babysitting: late-night "parties" (essentially, group babysitting) in the club for an hourly per-kid fee, or in-cabin babysitting (for a higher fee) offered on a limited basis by only a few lines (namely Holland America and Celebrity).If you're looking to socialize in port, or be in a group setting where someone else can keep an eye on your kids while you run to the bathroom, a ship-sponsored shore excursion can be an easy way to do cool activities as a single-parent family.Some cruise lines, such as Princess and Holland America, require children cruising with only one parent to provide a passport, even on closed-loop, round trip U. sailings where a birth certificate is otherwise acceptable travel documentation.(This is for emergency situations in which families might need to be debarked in a foreign country.) It's always a good idea for adoptive parents, legal guardians and separated or divorced parents to bring copies of legal documents showing their status, as a precaution.If you're a single parent by choice, a copy of your child's birth certificate showing only one parent's name on it is acceptable as proof.If the other spouse is refusing to cooperate, or you don't know how to get in touch but don't have sole custody, you might need to go to family court to get the legal documentation necessary to travel.This will be more fun for your family than dining awkwardly with older couples or honeymooners, who might or might not like kids.Buffets are great with older kids, but it can be difficult to get food for yourself and your young children while keeping track of everyone in a large venue all on your own.

While some parents are uncomfortable leaving kids on the ship while they're in port, it's the only option for single moms and dads to do more grown-up tours, such as a wine tasting or scuba diving.That means single parents are stuck paying "adult" rates for one kid.The second and third child in the cabin will pay the extra-passenger fee (which is usually discounted off the regular price).If the child's other parent is deceased, a copy of the birth certificate (showing both parents' name) and a copy of a death certificate should be sufficient.If you have legally acquired sole custody of your child, then a legal document stating that will need to be provided.

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