Speed dating philippines 2016

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Again, you try to assemble the chance at a second, more meaningful date with someone else, assessing that other person by their looks and what they're saying.

You know they're doing the exact same thing if they're interested.

I dated 60 women in two months, and I was not any happier or less single as a result.

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You become less of the type of person you are as you try to find someone who fits this image you have in your head of "The One." That was my problem with speed dating: the reasons I had for doing it were vastly different from what some would say is the purpose of speed dating: to meet other people.

MANILA, Philippines - Over the course of two February months, I dated close to 60 women.

My mind tells me to qualify this statement further, but it is technically true.

If they're not, then you have a very awkward stretch of time to fill up.

After seeing all these people, you appraise them and score them on a card.

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