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That problem has been eliminated for you as all the online dating services that are reviewed on this web sites have at least 150,000 members, and they are owned by successful internet dating companies.

You have companies like Friend Finder, Spark Networks and Successful Match that have all been connecting singles worldwide for over ten years.

It was critical that what we built was something to protect them and represent the values that our community cares deeply about,” Sameh Saleh said in a statement.A few days later I was going over my statements and saw that they had double charged me the following day. Purchased it through Google Play so I contacted them about this issue.Went back a year and found this had happened at this time as well. Firstly the menus for finding issues has no double charge option.Secondly to get in contact with them you have to dig around because they don't make it easy. Was told I'd be called back multiple times and never received calls.Then you talk to the staff and no one has access to anything to help. I called over half a dozen times and talked to a dozen people and no one could do anything.

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