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'Swiping' a soul mate Tara and Steven Minert found each other among the millions of people who signed up for Tinder in the early days of the dating app craze.

During the alleged assault, he told her, "I think you like to be forced," according to charging documents.Harward says using the apps has been "educational," and he learned to use several strategies after "a lot of practice." After matching with someone, he said he would suggest meeting somewhere public and casual within the first few messages.He and his current girlfriend met over pizza in November.Cooper Boice, founder of Mutual, told the Deseret News that the LDS singles-focused app has led to "hundreds of temple marriages" in the nearly two years since it was launched.Risks Statistics documenting any correlation between dating apps and the number of assaults against women are not separated out by the FBI, but the bureau did note that in 2016, there were about 5 percent more reported rapes in 2015, and 12.4 percent more than in 2012.

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