Tversity folders not updating blind dating shower

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// My Setup // On one of the WD drives I have a ‘movie’ folder and the other drive has ‘tv series’ and ‘sports’.

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You should now be back at ‘Change homegroup settings’.

Media Sharing should now be turned on and we’re ready to get some folders shared.

I did this in a very specific way just to keep everything nice and neat.

Make sure the following options have a dot next to it: - Turn on network discovery - Turn on file and printer sharing - Turn on sharing so anyone with network access can read and write files in public folders - Use 128 bit encryption - Turn OFF password protected sharing - Allow Windows to manage homegroup connections Once those options are all selected make sure it says ‘media streaming is on’ and click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom. The section you want to go to is LOCAL SECURITY POLICY. Once the properties box pops up put a dot next to DISABLED and then click APPLY and then OK.

This should bring you back to the previous box again. You can now close all the boxes that we have left open.

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