Two divorcees dating

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Like me, he was just interested in finding a friend who might want to sleep over sometimes.We were looking for the same thing, and that made it seem like we be on the same page, but Jonah's past experience made me feel like we were more likely in completely different chapters. I still had trouble remembering to wash my face every night.But there were ways in which she didn't seem so secure, like her habit of texting me whenever she was lonely.She also leaned on me whenever something went wrong with the other people she was seeing, like Chad.Jonah, I understood, was afraid of what another person would bring into his home -- or even worse, into himself.Maybe that was why he was so obsessed with order and cleanliness, and paranoid of disease. She was afraid that another person's disapproval would be the truest reflection of herself.To me, marriage seemed to inform his habit of taking multi-vitamins and throwing any dirty clothes immediately down the laundry chute. At the same time I was seeing Jonah, I started seeing Leopoldine, a woman who asked me out after I gave her a tarot card reading over Valentine's Day.

As he was still in the middle of sorting through the papers -- and therefore, technically still married -- he was not looking for anything serious.Aside from a few wedded friends, marriage is uncharted territory for me. When I met two divorcees and started dating them simultaneously, I couldn't help but view their experiences as windows into the institution.And I also couldn't help but think that their access to it made them more wise in the field of love than I was. I met him on Tinder, and he told me that he had been divorced within the first few lines of our chat."No kids, no drama," he had written.She liked her job and felt secure in her position there.She had not only a Netflix account, but also Hulu and HBOGo.

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