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Guided by their instructor and by Writing Center consultants, students plan, draft and revise their writing, critique each other's work, assess their own writing, and participate in small group sessions on writing issues that the group faces.

The semester's work will culminate in a final portfolio that features polished essays and an overall self-reflection.

Alternatively, you may apply the standard repeat policy.

Grading: Students do not receive an independent grade for the Extension because it is not a credit-bearing course, but rather a continuation of WRT 104, WRT 105B, or WRT 105/E that allows students who have worked diligently to continue improving their writing skills for a second semester, with the ultimate goal of satisfying the Primary Writing Requirement and/or improving their WRT Grade. If you are an international student or are still unsure what course is right for you, you should continue on to part three.

If you pass WRT 105, 105E, or 105A/B, but earn a grade lower than the minimum “C” required for the PWR, you may choose to take the course a second time for four additional credit hours.

Both grades are counted in your GPA as long as you submit the appropriate form to CCAS by the end of the fourth week of the semester.

Participants live in the small town of Torano di Borgorose, where they have the opportunity to learn about life in modern as well as ancient Italy.

No previous archaeological experience or knowledge of Italian is necessary to participate in this program, although prospective participants should note that this is an intensive program that requires physical staminaorose, Italy.

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