Updating a datagridview

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Fill(table); Binding Source b Source = new Binding Source(); b Source. They have to do with redrawing the control which is why new rows don't appear.

Select Command = new My Sql Command(sql Select All, con); Data Table table = new Data Table(); My DA. Close(); are methods that are inherited from Control.

For more information about data sources the Data Grid View control supports, see the Data Grid View control overview. Text = "Submit" Dim panel As New Flow Layout Panel With panel. ' Replace ; Initial Catalog=Northwind;" "Integrated Security=True;" ' Create a new data adapter based on the specified query.

Visual Studio has extensive support for data binding to the Data Grid View control. data Adapter = New Sql Data Adapter(select Command, connection String) ' Create a command builder to generate SQL update, insert, and ' delete commands based on select Command. Data Source = table ' Resize the Data Grid View columns to fit the newly loaded content. Auto Resize Columns( Data Grid View Auto Size Columns Mode.

If the code is not available just answer those questions and I'll go from there.Now What I'm trying to do is when user do the changes in the grid those changes should be reflected in the list (in object properties) and then it should be updated in the database.hey frnds, Firstly I pick the records from the databse into the Data Grid View, Then I want that If we made changes to the records in the Grid View & Click on Update Button, Changes are Reflected into the Datbase . That way you could edit many rows and just have one update going on to handle all of the actions. Data graye: Your solution is closer to what I'm looking for and you will get most of the points.

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