Updating ati video bios

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There a couple of tools you are going to need to get this started: For those of you that prefer to work in a GUI, ATIWinflash has you covered. My personal experience was that I am unable to see more than three cards using the GUI.

Thus, using the command line is a necessity if you have more than 3.

-t -mi [ID] Modify SSID & SVID in BIOS image of adapter to .

SSID & SVID in BIOS image of adapter is displayed if [ID] is not specified.

Extract AMD/ATI Pixel Clock Patcher to your desktop and run the application.

This will force your drivers to ignore the driver signature Windows will most likely require.

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updating ati video bios-83

updating ati video bios-40

You should see a list of available BIOS versions, along with any changes/bug fixes in each and the dates they were released. You’ll probably want to grab the newest BIOS version—unless you have a specific need for an older one.

There are several ways to see your BIOS version from within Windows, and they work the same on PCs with a traditional BIOS or a newer UEFI firmware.

To check your BIOS version from the Command Prompt, hit Start, type “cmd” in the search box, and then click the “Command Prompt” result—no need to run it as an administrator.

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