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Im currently running the f4 version with no issues but saw that there was a new update on the GB website.No performance boost whatsoever unless stated on their website description, most of the bios updates are minor changes or fixes that you can't tell any difference made by them.

If it would have been the Windows 7 32 bit then for once we would have tried for the drivers here but I do think that you can not have the exact match for this and hence I would suggest you if possible try for the Windows Vista 64 bit drivers and see if that can help a bit with the scenario that you are stuck with at this moment.reset to their defaults everytime before you flash your BIOSFlashing Gigabyte BIOS is very safe.When flashing dual BIOS the primary flashes first then the backup, so if there is a power failure when flashing the motherboard will flash it self back to original or new Bios.I always update BIOS if i can, but not when there's lighting or if it's really cold or hot outside could that can cause power spikes/brown outs from all the heat/air systems running.that's not a good time UPDATE, There is a security flaw that can allow a hacker or virus to access protected kernels and steal information or cause your CPU to burn up, gigabyte is the first to fix with bios updates so i RECOMMEND EVERYONE UPDATE THEIR BIOS AS OF MARCH2 bios for precaution not that they encourage you to flash bios that's why they added 2 bios for you to flash all you want.

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