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You would think that if you updated column C for a row, it should be sufficient to update the row with a matching primary key. errors when you call Submit Changes() on your data context.But what often happens is that Linq-to-SQL is also trying to match on columns A and B as well. Unless you have concurrent writes, either from multi-threading or multi-processes, and something else modifies column A or B for the record that you are trying to update. First, we will have to retrieve the ‘user’ object we want to delete, and then add this deletion operation in the queue by ‘Delete On Submit’ method.Finally commit the operation using ‘Submit Changes’ method as before; Just like insert operation, this delete operation example given above will work for .

I will be writing on some more advance level linq to sql usage soon.

We just need to create a new object of corresponding database table type, then add it to the Data Context object and then commit the changes. If you want to insert more than one row, then you will have to create a ‘List’ array object containing all the ‘User’ objects and then use ‘Insert All On Submit‘ method, it will work fine.

Here is a small block of c# code samples to create new ‘User’ linq to sql class(Representing ‘Users’ Table in Database) and add it to ‘Users Data Context’ class(Represents the database) and commit the changes to original database by ‘Submit Changes'(without this, no changes will be reflected to database): For your information, the above code example is for . If you are using an earlier version, you will have to use ‘Add‘ method instead of ‘Insert On Submit‘ . Deleting data/row from database using linq is as simple as inserting data and this is also sql syntax free operation 🙂 .

NET framework 3.5 and for earlier framework version, you will have to use ‘Remove’ method instead of ‘Delete On Submit’ method.

For Removing More than one database records, follow the code example below: To edit data, simply first, we will have to retrieve the objects(rows) and make changes to them wherever needed.

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