Updating pine kitchen cabinets

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I decided to strip all the old paint off my cabinet doors because they were not painted very well before But if that is not your case here are some great tutorials on prepping cabinets to paint, from Young House Love and from Cherished Bliss.

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Kitchen update save the knotty pine my house in 2019 pine kitchen pantry vintage knotty cabinets google ideas amusing knotty pine cabinets your residence inspiration any ideas on how to update my knotty pine cabinets or pot rack kitchen renovation updating knotty pine cabinets diy projects in pine kitchen cabinet ideas painting knotty cabinets.If you want a better finish on the front of your doors, you will want to add filler to the door.Once the filler had dried, we then sanded every door with #220 grit sandpaper.I guess in a perfect world, we’d all have gleaming white kitchens. At first, I didn’t even notice that it looks like they left the original hardware on the cabinets in the photo above.But, in reality, some of us have spouses that don’t see the point in painting “perfectly good cabinets”, or we’re renters who just can’t make those kind of cosmetic changes, or we can’t invest the money or time . I also love how this homeowner used a modern white table.

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