Updating records retention schedules in nys

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The arrival of the Information Age means that much of our history is now recorded in electronic format, including your agency’s activities.Because of that, you need to develop a strategy for managing electronic records.(For more information on the Records Disposition Panel, refer to the Now that you are familiar with some key concepts in electronic records management, you can use the questions below as you develop your own strategy.The careful consideration of these questions will help ensure that: Electronic Records Management Strategy, Annotated List of Resources Next Chapter, Long-Term Preservation Go to Table of Contents Electronic Records Management Guidelines, March 2012, Version 5. A government agency’s electronic records management strategy must conform to legal mandates, as well as reflect your preferred management practices and technological options.

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General records retention schedules exist for state government, cities, townships, school districts, counties, and courts.

(For more information on migration and conversion, refer to the guidelines.) Your electronic records management strategy should include records retention schedules.

A records retention schedule is a written document that lists types of records and discusses how long they should be kept and whose purpose it is to serve as an on-going authorization for the management and disposition of records in all forms including paper and electronic records.

You may also initially choose to develop a specific schedule for your agency.

However, you must submit any proposed changes to the Records Disposition Panel for approval.

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