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There’s nothing like getting in an old Chevy truck, sliding behind the wheel, and turning the key to hear that big block come to life.

There’s nothing like that sound, unless the inside of your truck looks or feels like it just came off the farm.

The advantage is that while the seats are apart, a good upholstery shop can fix springs, replace the foam, and totally restore the seats to beyond original comfort.

Husky Liners offer some that have a lip to keep debris and water away, and you can dump the mats out and clean them without staining your carpet or otherwise damaging your truck interior.Cosmetically they do offer some improvement, but even the best seat covers are still just seat covers.Having your seats reupholstered is your best course of action, but it’s a more expensive option.The old rug style seat covers with the rifle holster might have done well for grandpa, but you probably need to make some changes. From seat covers to floor mats, from steering wheel to stereo, there are all kinds of modifications and upgrades you can make that will make it both work well and look great.Here are some tips on making the inside of your truck as good as what’s under the hood.

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