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Now each of the languages will need to be brought into sync with the template language.Creates a translation for a given article, section, or category.The specifics of the issue are as follows: The `gform_pre_confirmation_save` filter you're tapping into in the WPML Gravity Forms plugin to update the confirmation translations that are registered with WPML is passed the old `$form` object, and not the new `$form` object with the updated confirmation your plugin is expecting.Because that filter doesn't actually pass the finalised `$form` object, your `update_form_translations` method call in `gravity-forms-multilingual.class.php` on line 1021 doesn't register the newly-added confirmation.So I can replicate it in a fresh installation and we can debug it further with the help of our developers. Bigul @Bigul, You'll find that the translation is only correctly updated if you save the Confirmation or Notification twice in a row (the second time without making any changes).

Go to the Projects tab and you will see a New Project button: Click on that button and the Add Project form will be displayed. You don’t need to change the rest of the fields unless you need to further customize your project.Any locale that you specify must be enabled for the current Help Center.The locale must also be different from that of any existing translation associated with the source object.Please try the following steps after a backup and check you are getting the expected result or not.1) Complete the translation of the Gravity Form 2) Update the Gravity form again after a minor edit to refresh the translation settings 3) Open the Gravity form for translation in WPML Translation Editor 4) Make sure the Confirmation message string is showing correctly in Translation Editor -- Thanks!

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