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I know what it is like to be invisible in the eyes of some and treated like eye-candy by others. You begin to forget who you were before you were coupled.

I’d witnessed women proposition my man as if I didn’t exist, sat by while rude restaurant patrons interrupted our meals to talk to him and been ignored during labor as the hospital staff scrambled to find an open conference room so my husband could take a business call. Somewhere between the planes, the limos, the fittings, the shopping, the events, bearing babies, snapping back, managing a household and supporting his career -- you forget your magic.

“Even in death, they seek to erase us,” I thought, while scrolling through my Twitter feed.

On November 15, 2018, 47-year-old former model and actress Kim Porter was found deceased in her home after a brief battle with pneumonia.

Her life had meaning independent of the men she chose to procreate with. More than an ex, a baby mama, or a muse, she was a girl from Columbus, GA that grew up and made a name for herself in Hollywood as a model, actress, producer and business owner.

She had a full career in addition to a reputation for helping others get their break in the entertainment business.

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"Diddy’s Ex, Kim Porter, dead at 47,"read TMZ’s headline.

Porter deserves to be honored in a dignified way that encompasses the totality of the woman she was.

Someone who was building a career and a legacy before dating a rap star.

Because Porter dodged the traditional rules of society, it seems even more egregious.

A proud mother of 4 (including her oldest son fathered by Al B.

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