Who is brent spiner dating

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He’d a nonspeaking background character in the movie Stardust Memories as among the quiet Felliniesque “grotesques” on Sandy Bates’s train auto.

Spiner appeared as a media tech in “The Advocates”, another season episode of the Showtime cable show The Paper Chase.

People born in the Year of the Ox are persistent and straightforward.

A veteran officer under a lot pressure, Vanderhoff struggles to keep a lid on the volatile and changing city.

Shaye will play Dottie Minter, a friend and ally of Detective Lewis Michener (Lane) Cunning, wry and clever, Dottie is an invaluable operative in the battle against Third Reich espionage in Los Angeles.

The CW announced today that the noted genre favorite — who played DATA on Described as "unlikely leader" who "steps up in a big way when his country needs him most," the casting has us wondering whether we'll be seeing Lynda Carter back as President Olivia Marsdin.

Plus, will Baker even be aware that his Commander in Chief is also from another planet?

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