Women wearing wide belts intimidating hpv dating uk

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This accessory is very versatile and can be taken from a casual day at the park to a formal dinner party.

Whilst belts can be an integral element to an outfit, on the whole their history has remained unexplored.

By the 1940s, belts became more utilitarian in style.

Whilst day dresses often featured matching fabric belts, increasingly tougher materials such as leather and suede were employed.

However, towards the end of the decade, belts started to be included in evening ensembles and more formal modes of dress.

Buckles were highly decorative, made from early plastics, glass, brass, silver and paste.

As the waistline dropped to the hips, women wore belts on this new low waistline.

Belts could be fashioned from fabric, ribbon, cloth, suede, or decorated with elaborate beading.

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