Wpf listview selecteditem not updating

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Now let's add the following code to the View Model, to keep track of the selected Person: we want the selected item in the List Box to drive the Selected Person in the View Model.

We could do this by setting the selection through code in the view, working with the Data Context, or firing events.

This will allow the View to have access to data from the View Model.

Note that the View Model knows nothing about the View.

Suppose that each time Selected Item is changed, the view model populates an edit form (say, the detail part of a master-detail form). Would you be interested in a blog post on how to resolve this issue?

, with the selection mode set to extended (so we can select multiple items using ctrl/shift click or the keyboard equivalents).

After making the Items Source change, look through the new collection to see if it contains an item equivalent to the old selected item.

If it does, set this item as the new selected item.

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However, from the user’s perspective, the same collection is displayed both before and after the refresh (albeit with revised data), so the current item selection is still pertinent and should be maintained. Before pointing Items Source to the revised data collection, set the current selected item to a local variable.

We also have a button that we’d like to perform an action on the selected items.

List View is an Items Control, which means it can contain a collection of objects of any type (such as string, image, or panel). The presentation of the data items in a List View is defined by its view mode, which is specified by the View property.

If you don't do this, by default the display will call "To String()", which is typically not all that great.

First part is done; if you run the app, you should see the List Box display the names of some fine people.

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