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Joyce Fox finally received wire instructions from the scammer, still impersonating the paralegal, and Fox replied that she'd send the money the next day.When the transfer was completed, Fox emailed the confirmation number to the fake paralegal.For the closing, the couple would need to wire the full amount for the purchase before the documents were to be signed. 1 closing date, the couple received money transfer instructions in a series of emails that appeared to come from their real estate attorney's office.Joyce Fox called her bank and transferred ,500 on Aug. But at the closing, they realized they had been scammed. The Foxes, their attorney Stephen Mc Nally, and a representative from Service Link -- the company handling the closing for JPMorgan Chase -- met at Mc Nally's office for the closing.

HOW IT HAPPENEDAn analysis of Joyce Fox's email account revealed a series of messages written by an unknown party.

"There was a 'rule' in the settings filter directing any emails from our attorney, his paralegal and our realtor to go directly to trash and then be deleted."Yahoo, now owned by Verizon and part of its digital media company called Oath, didn't respond to our requests for comment. Let's say someone got a hold of Joyce Fox's account.

How long would that scammer need to wait before Fox had a wire transfer transaction? Ben Fox believes this could have been an inside job by someone with intimate knowledge of the deal. Employees at JPMorgan Chase, its closing agent Service Link, the couple's real estate attorney and his employees, and the real estate agents.

The Service Link rep asked the couple for the wire transfer receipt."My wife handed it to him. Joyce Fox told the group she followed the email instructions from Mc Nally's paralegal, but the attorney said no. Mc Nally went to a computer to retrieve the emailed instructions.

He looked at it and said, 'That's not our account name. With one look, Joyce Fox said they weren't the instructions she received.

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